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Wacom Intuos 5 Touch First Impression

Happy New Year!! The start of a new year and I have no resolutions. Mainly because I never keep them. I know there are a number of people who don’t either. Still that don’t make me feel good about it.

Anyways, David got me a new graphic pad for Christmas to replace the one I got from my brother back in 2010. The pad I was using was a Wacom Intuos 2 and it was the small sized. While I love how space saving it is, it does not compare to a bigger graphic pad.

Sorry for the exploded arrays of Christmas presents

The one I received is the medium sized pad. It is definitely a bigger area which I love but also means that I have to find a space for it. At the moment, I removed my art space for it. Read more

Lush’s Pow Wow Lip Scrub review

I am the freaking ambassador of dry flaky lips therefore when I got a tub of Lush’s sugar lip scrub in Pow Wow. You can make this at home by adding sugar, honey and jojoba oil or olive oil or sweet almond oil. It is pretty much your own concoction. I feel sugar lip scrub is less harsh than the normal toothbrush scrub or damp towel scrub.
Pow Wow lip scrub is full of pop rocks candy with jojoba oil and green coloring. It is kinda dry when I first got it last year. I added in more oil to add a bit more moisture and it is a lot easier to use when it is wet than dry.
How to use it?
I normally slick on a layer of Chapstick over my lips and leave it on for an hour to soften the flakes. I then rub the pop rocks lip scrub all over my lips. I usually take like 10 minutes cause the pop rocks candy is not as fine as sugar and it gets all over the place. I then use a damp towel to take off pop rocks off. I don’t lick it off cause it will only dry out my lips more.
It is a bit harsh and the pop rocks are too big to be a really effective scrub. It did moisturize my lips for about 10 minutes and I have to slap on my lip butter/balm after.
Unsure. I could easily make this in my own kitchen but it also means I have to keep making it every time I want to use it.
2.5 out of 5 Stars
This particular item is a limited edition from Lush 2011 Christmas collection.

Orly Naughty or Nice nail polish

I got this color last year or the year before. I can’t remember but I’ve used this several times and I love dark nails. I think it because my hands are kinda on the fair side. My hands don’t tanned like the rest of me. I do not know why.

2 coats of Orly Naughty or Nice on top of Sally Hansen Double Duty. Sorry about the messy paint.

It is a very deep burgundy color that is almost black. It is opaque within 1 coat but I always have 2 coats. It is just for an even application and to make sure I got every corner covered. The formula is really thick so it did take some time to dry. I did not have a problem with 2 coats. It took about 10-15 minutes for me. Another great thing about this nail polish, it did not bubble up on me even with the ceiling fan on. Essie and Milani nail polish tends to bubble up easier for me.

It shows tip wear after 2 days but that is because I kinda abused it by helping David and have no top coat. It isn’t so drastic that I can’t even go out running errands.

I think this is perfect for the Autumn season and with Halloween around the corner, it is the color you want to go with.

Sephora Express nail polish remover

Sephora Instant nail polish remover

David was the one who bought me this nail polish remover and I truly truly love it. I swear he always picks the best stuff for me.

It is on the expensive side but I think it is worth it. It also smells better than your average nail polish remover. It smells slightly like peach. There is a sponge soaked with acetone in the bottle. All you gotta do is dip your finger in the hole for a few seconds and voila, nail polish removed.
This is perfect when you screwed up on one nail while you’re applying your polish. I started applying my polishes by myself and I tend to screw up somehow. I even use this nail polish remover when I have glittered nail polish. It is so much easier to get rid of glittered nail polish. However, I have to warn you though. You need 2 of this, one for your glittered nail polish and the other for the non-glittered ones. The glitters will still stick onto your fingers the next time you wanna take off your regular nail polish. It does take a bit more time to take the glitter nail polish than the regular nail polish but it is still a joy not to have scrub all the glitter off manually.
I can’t say how long it will last. I have use it over a month and I have removed my nail polishes around 10 times now. I do feel like I have to twist my bottle around my nail to fully removed the polish now.
The solution in the bottle can spill so you have to twist the cap on tight. I have taken this with me in my bag everywhere I go and I have no spill accidents. The only disadvantage of this nail polish remover is that I can’t use it for my toes. It is too deep for my toes to go in anyways and it is kinda gross even though My feet are clean.
Is it worth the $9.50 for 2.5oz? I say yes! This is the only remover that I super super love and the only reason why I am buying more nail polishes now. I love it and I will definitely recommend it to everyone.
Store link:

The Sacred Truth by Lush

I am a fan of Lush. I am not a HUGE fan but I do like a few items from the brand. I found out that Lush has fresh facial masque and I have been mixing my own masque for awhile now. I have been going to the mall once a month to get fresh masque from them now.

Sadly, most of their masques are more appropriate for teenagers and anyone under the age of 30. I am in my early 30s and my skin is dry and acne prone now but most of their masques are just too drying for my skin type. The only 2 masques that I do dare to use is Oatifix and The Sacred Truth.

The Sacred Truth (image is taken from Lush website)

List of ingredients:

Ginkgo Leaf and Brown Linseed Infusion (Ginkgo biloba, Linum usitatissimum) , Kaolin , Talc , Honey (Mel) , Fresh Papaya Juice (Carica papaya) , Glycerine , Organic Yoghurt , Fresh Free Range Eggs , Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) , Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis) , Lanolin , Bentonite Gel , Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) , Ginseng Root Powder (Panax ginseng) , Green Tea Infusion (Camelia sinensis) , Fresh Wheatgrass (Triticum vulgare) , Bee Pollen , Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) , Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena) , Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) , Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeodora) , *Benzyl Salicylate , *Geraniol , *Benzyl Benzoate , *Farnesol , *Limonene , *Linalool , Perfume

I have been sticking to The Sacred Truth for awhile now. I love the ingredients and this masque brightens up my skin and lightens up my acne scars after 1 use. How brilliant is that!! The masque is suppose to have anti-aging properties but to be honest, I don’t see any anti-aging miracle at work with this masque. My skin usually feels smooth, soft, brightened and moisturized afterwards but the effects don’t last every long. My skin goes back to their usual state after 2 days.

The masque is smooth and creamy and pretty thick. There are chunks of wheatgrass and papaya and the masque is green in color. What you saw on the Lush website don’t look anything like the ones I’ve been getting from the store. I also like that there is green tea too cause it helps me with my breakouts. I am not sure if it is just me but green tea rocks even though I don’t like drinking it.

There are also ingredients that I do not like such as talc and perfume so if you have super sensitive skin, your skin might react to it. I wish they would kill the talc in this product.

The smell isn’t as offensive and isn’t as strong as the others. I could still smell it after I washed it off. Sometimes, there were traces of the masque when I swiped my toner after so washing it off really good is a must. For the price and quality of it, I do not think it is super expensive but the expiry date of these masques are so short(3-4 weeks). I usually separate it into 4 containers and freeze them. I make sure I use up 1 container per week so I don’t end up wasting them and I think they last a bit longer when they’re frozen.

Price: $6.95 for 2oz tub

Recommendation? Personally, I do like this masque. I would ask for a sample first before committing to buying the entire tub cause if you already have a masque that works for you, you can skip this.

Kiss me, I’m delectable!!

Dry and chapped lips are unattractive, undesirable and definitely a nuisance. With so many beauty companies and personal care companies coming up with the latest ways to deal with it, I am surprise that there are still people walking around with dry and chapped lips.

Personally, my all time favorite has been Nivea lip balm but I have long switched to something more natural and eco-friendly.

1. Korres Lip Butter in Mango

This particular product has been raved and swore upon by a lot of consumers. The company has been around since 1996. I love how creamy and soft the product is and just melts onto my lips. It also tinted my lips into this soft orange/coral shade which is build able. The shade is perfect for the spring/summer. The lasting power is not something to be desired. The product last about 20 to 50 minutes without eating or drinking. The mango and shea butter moisturized the lips from the harsh cold winter days and rice bran wax is being used instead of beeswax so this is vegan friendly and none of the waxy feeling. I usually apply this lip butter thick to block the cold weather. It took me about a couple of hours to totally get rid of severed flaky lips with this product and on chapped lips, it takes a couple of days to heal. I think other products did a better job at chapped lips at a shorter time. I do love it and I still pick it over Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Will I repurchase? Maybe. I am still unsure cause I go through one tub within 3 weeks.

• Pigmented,
• Moisturizing enough for dry lips,
• Smells good,
• No taste at all,
• Not sticky or greasy,
• Vegan friendly,
• Comes in 6 other shades/scents; Guava, Pomegranate, Wild Rose, Quince, Jasmine, Plum.


• Not 100% natural,
• Not moisturizing enough for severed lip condition,
• Have to scrub your lips good,
• No SPF,
• Bad lasting power,
• Expensive,
• Comes in a tiny tub therefore unhygienic and inconvenient to apply anywhere.

Price: $12 for 0.21oz/6ml tub at Sephora. $5-$10 for 0.21oz/6ml on eBay. €27,20 for 0.21oz/6ml at Korres.

2.5 out of 5 Stars

2. Yes to Carrots Lip Butter in Melon

Another raved natural lip butter product which is more affordable. I picked this up recently when I can’t decide on repurchasing Korres lip butter and we were at Target. I decided to pick the Melon one since I have never had one before. There is a very subtle melon scent that won’t bother anyone but it does leave a very slight aftertaste which I’m not that crazy for. What peeves me is the beeswax that’s in the product. Almost all lip treatments I ever used contain beeswax cause it is known to seal moisture, keeps any airborne allergies away and has healing properties. It also means the product can feel waxy and greasy which also brought us the slight aftertaste in Yes to Carrots lip butter. Just like Korres lip butter, this does moisturized my dry lips but it lasts a bit longer on the lips. I do like this as a night treatment as this is not a tinted balm and has no SPF. I feel safe rolling around in bed and not waking up with color stains on my pillows and sheets. I like waking up to stains-free bed and soft, hydrated and plumped lips.

Will I repurchase?If I’m desperate enough, yes. but I go through one stick within a month.

• 100% natural (Paraben-free, Petroleum-free, SLS-free),
• Great lip moisturizer for night time especially in air conditioned room,
• Not tinted,
• Cheap and easily available at Walgreens, Target and Walmart,
• Comes in a typical lip balm stick form therefore convenient to apply anywhere,
• Lasts a bit longer,
• Available in 6 other scents; Carrot, Berry, Mint, Citrus, Sweet Fig(SPF 15), Pomegranate(SPF 15).

• A slight aftertaste of wax,
• Kind of greasy,
• Only couple of other scents have SPF(if you wanna wear it in the day outside),
• Not vegan friendly.

Price: $3 for 0.15oz tube stick at Target

3.5 out of 5 Stars

3. Lush lip balm in Chocolate Whipstick

This lip balm comes in a tiny tin that pops on and off. As soon as the lid is popped off, the aroma of yummy chocolate and oranges filled up the nostrils and it is just super yummy. The product is very much solid and brown like chocolates. It isn’t soft like lip butter or vaseline type of lip balm. I had to rub my finger around to warm up the product so a lip brush won’t not do any good. Even though it is very inconvenient to use, it even helped with my dry, cracked lips during the cold harsh months back in Scandinavia. There is no cocoa butter or lanolin. It uses shea butter, almond, oats, chocolate and all the other good stuff to soften and moisturized the lips. There is no waxy or greasy feeling and no shine. It is perfect for the guys who dislike shiny lip balm. However, the product can feel a bit gritty but hardly noticeable. The lid on the tin is pretty much tight and can be a bit annoying to open. This is hands down one of my all time favorites. I tried Honey Trap but Chocolate Whipstick is still my favorite.

Will I repurchase? Yes, definitely. I love the scent and taste.

• Smells deliciously good like Terry’s Chocolate Orange,
• Tastes sweet,
• Cheap,
• Not tinted,
• Soften and moisturized the lips even in cold winters,
• Get plenty of kisses,
• Comes in 3 other flavors and scents; Honey Trap, Lip Service, None of your Beeswax.

• Not 100% natural,
• Unhygienic,
• Solid and hard,
• Not vegan-friendly,
• No SPF.

Price: $7 for 0.3oz tin at Lush.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

4. The Body Shop Mango lip butter

This have been around since early 2000. It comes in a tiny tub and smells really good in artificial way. It has no tint or SPF in it but leaves a white cast so this is another lip treatment for night time. It is creamy but feels slightly greasy and a bit gritty. It does not last long on the lips just like the others. The shea and mango seed butter are suppose to moisturize the lips but it does not feel like it did and it is slightly greasy to me. There are a lot of shine for this lip butter. I am not too keen on super shiny lips that looks like a lip gloss. I never woken up with soft, hydrated and plumped lips with this lip butter.

Will I repurchase? No.


• Shiny,
• Smells yummy,
• Comes in several other scents; Sweet Lemon, Coconut, Shea Butter, Brazil Nut, Grapefruit.

• No SPF,
• Leaves a white cast,
• Kinda expensive for the lack of moisturization,
• Greasy.

Price: $6 for 0.21oz tub

1 out of 5 Stars

5. Korres Mandarin lip butter stick in Peach

I decided to get this only because my Yes to Carrots lip butter feels waxy and very greasy to me. This claimed to be the stick version of Korres famous lip butters. The ingredients and formula are different and the stick version contains beeswax so this isn’t my favorite at the moment. Beeswax just makes everything taste super waxy and leaves a weird aftertaste. It also contains sunflower wax which again, I don’t see the point of the beeswax. The only conclusion I can come up with is that if they just use the sunflower wax, the product won’t harden up as much for it to be packaged in a stick form. The scent of the lip butter stick is rather sweet and subtle but there is alsmells typical lipstick scent mixed to it. It is barely noticable but it is there. It is way harder than any lip butter in the market that it reminded me of children’s crayon sticks. The product does apply smooth and easy as it melts against the lips. It gives instant hydration and it does not feel sticky. It has a different feeling altogether. It does not feel creamy like the lip butter tub. I’m not sure if I love the feeling. It does not feel as greasy or waxy as most lip balm sticks. Like the lip butter tub, it is tinted therefore this are great for those no makeup days. It also has SPF 15 which is brilliant to use for outdoors. How long does this last on the lips? It lasted like the lip butter tub but it leaves the lips feeling soft. Sephora in the USA do not carry the stick version and I’m not sure when they will. I got mine when I flew back home. However, I found out that you can purchase the lip butter stick on eBay. Prices and shipping varies though.

Will I repurchase?
I will want to try Rose and Purple cause Peach is hardly pigmented enough on my pigmented lips. Peach reminded me a more subtle pigment of Mango and Jasmine together.

• Instant hydration,
• SPF 15 but no white cast on the lips,
• Sheer tint,
• No taste,
• Cheaper than their lip butter tub,
• Comes in several other colors; Colorless, Colorless SPF 15, Rose SPF 15, Pink SPF 15, Purple SPF 15.

• Not available in the USA,
• Not moisturizing enough for super dry and chapped lips,
• Have to scrub your lips good,
• Weird lipstick aftertaste and scent,
• Bad lasting power,
• Not 100% natural,
• Not vegan-friendly.

Price: €7 for 0.17oz/5ml stick at House of Fraser. $8-$12 for 0.17oz/5ml stick on eBay.

2.5 out of 5 Stars

Hopefully more and more people will take care of their lips. On top of all of these topical ways to keep your pucker healthy and juicy, drinking plenty of water is a huge essential and not biting and licking are also important.

My mermaid signature nail look!!

I am back to being obsessed with nail polish again. The only difference is that I have to do it myself instead of going to the nail bar or nail salon and that kinda took me back to my laziness but recently, something changed after I got my very first Milani nail polish here in burned orange. It is my guy’s color but I do love the color and how it looks. Anyways, blue and dark nail polish have always been my favorite and french manicure was my thing back in 2006-2007 when nail bar and nail salons were within walking distance. I used to live in a city of convenience and now, I’m not.

Anyways, my guy brought me to Sephora in Texas and I got another nail polish by OPI; Mermaid to Order. I simply just LOVE the color. I wasn’t very keen on the wear. It chips off within 3 days on me and my Milani nail polish lasted for 5 days before it chipped off and that was with NO base or top coat. After a long research, everyone was saying that I should have a base coat at least and it will prevent my nails from turning yellow. I solved that using Sally Hansen’s Double Duty base and top coat.

Last week, I went on a spree again and got 3 nail polishes. I didn’t have any pinks or reds so I was on a mission to have them. I ended up picking out 3 nail polishes.

Milani Neon in Pink Hottie, Deborah Lippmann in Mermaids Dream, China Glaze in Ruby Pumps

I did my nails on Friday around 5 in the evening so I won’t have to do it on Saturday before heading to Ikea. I am loving my nails right now. I do have problems photographing my nails though. I can’t seem to get the right color and different monitors are showing it differently. It was super annoying. I think the second pic is the closest to the actual real life color. Once again, both nail polishes that I used are duochrome so they can lean towards more blue or green and also my second pic, was taken on Friday and I cleaned off my thumbs and applied the other nail polish instead cause I just can’t get the polish to look perfect. The last pic was taken today at noon.

I am definitely loving this look and will be using this more often but I am sure I am going to wipe this off and try my Milani Neon Pink Hottie. I haven’t gotten the whole neon look yet and so wanna try it for the fun of it. I might wanna wait and see how long it last before it chips.

Polishes used are: OPI Mermaid to Order and Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream

A note is to be taken that the Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream is not smooth like most nail polishes. This one is rather textured but I love it cause it reminds me of scales and added a whole different look to the nail. It is very very easy to apply and 2 coats are all I needed for total coverage. I did add a top coat over but it didn’t smooth it over. I did hear the nail polish didn’t last very long even though it is glittered. I am not sure about that since mine haven’t chip but that might be because of my base and top coat. I will update if it chips off.

Cost: $18 – I know that is a LOT of money for a nail polish. A cheaper alternative is Urban Outfitters Sea Dust for $5. It is a copy for those who don’t wanna part with $18 and I heard it is a bit more smoother too so those who don’t like the whole bumpy feel, Sea Dust would be a better alternative.

ENDED!» Oil for hair and skin – Giveaway!!

The winner for this giveaway is London Leonard!!

I had bad moments with putting oil in my hair or skin. I first started with Egyptian Magic which contains olive oil and no, it was a fail on me. I am not sure if it is because of the beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly and etc but it just wasn’t absorbing fast enough and I ended up getting milia or these tiny little bumps. The main reason for milia is because oil is trapped underneath the skin. After I found out about that I stop putting oil on my skin.

Adara Coconut Oil

Adara Coconut Virgin Oil

Lately, I have hair problems and I know coconut oil is really good for the hair and my mom got me a few bottles of Adara Virgin Coconut Oil in Lavender. I have another bottle in Peach which I bring along with me in my bag. The oil is pretty light and moisturized my hair and scalp really well. I use mine to take off eye makeup too which is amazing. The coconut oil is totally 100% pure unrefined coconut oil with drops of essential oil to mask the coconut scent. The coconut oil comes in different scents; Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Green Tea, Peach and Unscented(original coconut scent). I am not sure which is my favorite. I would want to say Peach but I can still detect the scent of coconut on it. I could hardly detect the coconut scent in the lavender scented. I have bad memories with coconut scent.

On the bottle, it shows number of uses for the coconut oil.

• Moisturizer for the skin

• Natural makeup remover (I use this to remove eye makeup and stubborn waterproof mascara. Perfect!)

• Massage oil

• Hair treatment (continue reading on how I use this as hair treatment)

Avocado Oil

Another oil I’ve been rocking lately is avocado oil. There are a lot of questions about avocado oil and not a lot of people knows about avocado oil. The avocado oil has to be unrefined and the oil will be green in color. The avocado oil I have smells like avocado and kinda nutty, I suppose. Avocado oil is packed with Vitamin A, B1, B2, D ad E. It also contains amino acids, sterols, pantothenic acid, lecithin and other essential fatty acids. Studies also show that it builds collagen over time. It all sounds brilliant right?

How do I use these oils?

I mostly oil my hair before I go to sleep. I will pump a teaspoon of avocado oil and massage my scalp and my hair ends. I will then take a teaspoon of coconut oil and massage my scalp and run it along the length of my hair. It helps to mask the smell of the avocado oil. I then will bun up my hair with my claw clip or braid my hair or wrap my head with a Wrapadoo and go to sleep. You can use a shower cap. It doesn’t matter or lay a towel.

I wash my hair in the morning with shampoo and add a pump of avocado oil into my conditioner. My hair is usually crazy dry and tangle up like crazy so I do tend to oil my hair a lot more. My hair hardly has any split ends now. I do trim my hair once every 2-3 months. My hair is super soft and smells so good and a friend said even after a day in the pool, her hair is still soft and all she used was the coconut oil. Highly recommended for swimmers.

Recently, I started to use the avocado oil for my face. I don’t use it every night cause I am afraid that I will breakout or cause milia. I do avoid putting it underneath my eyes. I use a separate eye cream for that. My face feels so much moisturized and glowing but I do avoid using it all the time. I will update after a couple more months of using it.

Where do I get these oils?

You can get the Adara Coconut Virgin Oil at B-Glowing. Bad news? It cost $12 for just 2 oz minus shipping. To me, that is just expensive for coconut oil that you cannot even use for cooking. My mom taught me that I should just get a food grade 100% pure unrefined coconut oil and add any essential oil I like to mask the coconut scent plus I could divide the coconut oil and use it for cooking too. They’re usually a lot cheaper. The same goes for the avocado oil. You just have to get these oil 100% unrefined. Unrefined coconut oil will turn solid at colder temperature while unrefined avocado oil is green in color. Do NOT buy avocado oil which is white or yellow in color. Those are usually refined.


This is my FIRST giveaway ever. I am currently giving one lucky winner chosen at random a 2 oz bottle of Adara Coconut Virgin Oil in Soothing Lavender.

How to enter? You need to do the mandatory entry to qualify for the draw. Each bonus entry equal to 1 more entry for the draw. Do leave me a comment once you did one bonus option.

Mandatory Entry » Leave a comment as to how you plan to use the Adara Coconut Virgin Oil if you win and the best way to contact you if you do win.

Bonus Entries

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This giveaway will end on Friday, 3 August, 2012 at 12pm Central Time. Giveaway is open to all US residents and  the winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification to claim your prize with your information. Another winner will be chosen if the current winner fail to do so.

Good luck to everyone!!

Selling a few beauty products

It is that time again where I just gone through my makeup bag and found a couple of stuff that just don’t go with my skintone anymore.


• Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free in Bisque FULL Size – There are plenty left. Color described as for light neutral complexions with balance of yellow and pink undertones. I am tanned right now so this just look weird on me. $20

• MAC Matte Lipstick in Please Me - Muted rosy tinted pink. I used this maybe twice. It is really a Barbie pink to me but it just looks super weird on me due to my natural lip color. $9

• LUSH Lip Tint in Double Choc – I used this once and wham, allergic reaction. $4

I ship through USPS and if you want insurance or faster delivery, do let me know so I can calculate exact shipping. I do not ship outside of USA at the moment. Sorry.

Exercise Obsession» PIYO

I haven’t been taking care of myself for a very long time and when D’s nieces got enrolled with a Zumba class, I decided to join them and I started to enjoy it more and I ended up having more fun with it. At first, I thought it was embarrassing and know D, he thinks it is just a weird form of exercise. I wouldn’t have done it if no one actually took me there.

I found out about PIYO when I was on my first Zumba class when the instructor came up to us and told us to come on Saturday for his class. Sadly, I enjoyed PIYO a lot more than Zumba. I guess it is because I love stretches a lot more even though I prefer a fast paced exercise due to headaches. I hate something slow paced exercise cause it eventually gives me a headache and makes me puke. I am weird, I know.


What is PIYO?

It is a form of exercise that combines Pilate(PI) and Yoga(YO). It includes lunges, squats, all that good stuff  and also yoga poses such as the Upper Bow pose, Child pose, and etc. It basically movement and breathing in continuous flow.

Materials needed?

You use your typical Yoga mat for PIYO and believe me, you should get a sticky Yoga mat. Mine is from BCG and it is sticky but I also have a Yoga towel from BCG that I put on top for extra cushion and softness. My knees hurt with hard yoga mats. The towel helps me from slipping and my knees from hurting. I love the towel a lot more cause it is just so soft and stops my hands from slipping when I perspired. Gross, I know. Big love for the towel! Highly recommended.

Yoga Mat & Yoga Towel

BCG 6mm Reversible Mat (68in x 24in) -$16.99

BCG Nonslip Yoga Towel (68in x 24in) – $19.99

I totally love PIYO. I always feel stretched and I do get sore and I have not work my muscles that way for more than a decade. I do recommend it to everyone.

If you’re in San Antonio, head over to Studio Infuzion every Saturday 11am-12pm for your PIYO class lead by Louie. Link here » Studio Infuzion – Feel Empowered and Look Great!

Moleskine and Picard

I decided to draw some lines to maintain my blog. I will not blog anything too personal on the blog. I have yet to decide if I wanna keep or scrap the Design section. I haven’t been designing anything lately and I’m not sure when I will want to start again. I don’t know.

Next, I have been looking through my art box(yes, I have an art box) and I found 2 moleskine journals that are unused. I decided to use one for art doodling stuff and the other for like jotting notes or ideas and etc. I was planning to get an illustrated journal or planner but since I have like unused blank journals, I could pretty much do one myself. I have a moleskin journal that is pretty much my testing journal where I tested my pens and sketch drawings before I paint on canvas.

I pretty much took all of my markers and pens out. I am testing what I can do for my journal.

Art markers, pens and pencils

Moleskine Journals

On a good wonderful note, I can put my journals in my bag that my mom shipped over for me. Yay!!! I love leather bags but it also means they’re a bit heavier than normal bags. I put a few stuff and I can feel the weight on. I love my bag and my new wallet. I am no longer using my shiny girly pink clutch. The handbag is slightly on the bigger side but with all the junk I do carry, this is the right size.
I am not sure if Picard is available in the USA but it is one of the oldest German brands who makes great genuine leather bags for both men and ladies.


Fifty Shades Trilogy!!

Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed

Everyone is going nuts over the Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. The trilogy books have been the talk of the world it seems that they’re making a movie based on the books. I am sure everyone has an opinion about the books. In a sentence, the book with an erotic romance novel evolving around a young grad, Anna Steele, and a powerful yet devastatingly handsome and wealthy man in his 30s, Christian Grey.

This book is based on Anna’s side and thoughts. I found her to be slightly irritating. She was this girl who wants to be with this BDSM guy but have no experience in it and decided to run from it and expect the guy to change for her. Yes, it is romantic when a guy does it for you. I sound like a jealous freak right? ;) I just have no girly emotional attachment at times so I guess, that’s why. If a guy freaked me out, I’m out.

When I read the first book, I thought it was ok. I can live with it but after the second and third book, I just wanted to finish all 3 since I was like half way through. Overall, I found the book a bit too boring. It is the typical romance novel but with BDSM added to it and a bit of drama from his past. The book did entice me a bit on BDSM. Ha! I read too much. I did ended up bored with the erotic part of the book and pretty much skipped most of time. I’m sorry but I guess I am not a erotic novel fan or I just have ADD.

Recommendation? I don’t know. I say read it if you’re curious or love the author.

3 out of 5 Stars

The next book I’m tackling right now is 1Q84. Anyone read that yet? I know that has mixed reviews but I have it on my Kindle and I am definitely gonna read it.

Tell me the book you’re reading right now and any new recommendation.